Cutting Custom Shape Magnetics

When I got my CNC machine I heard about a drag knife attachment that could be used to cut a number of materials into shapes and new i had to have one. Some of the materials I have cut with the Donek Drag Knife tool is foam core, corrugated plastic, paper thin polystyrene and magnetic material. I’m going to show you how I set up and cut these custom team spirit magnetics.

When I digital print the decal sheets to install on the magnetics, I create a file that is registered to the print file and a cut path file that the Donek Drag Knife can follow. I am print/cutting sheets that are 24″x24″ so when i print the file I print a line around the edge which gives me my registration marks. I line them up with the registration marks on the table. My starting point is at the bottom left of the sheet and as long as my table marks are set up on the machines x/y axis all is straight and true.

The blade must be set parallel to the x axis and the starting point must always be the same for each shape, center and at the bottom of each shape. This way the blade direction it set for the next shape in line.

As you can see in this video each time the knife moves from one shape to another it always starts in the same place, bottom center point of the shape leaving the knife in the correct position to start the next cut.