Southern Shine Car Wash

Southern Shine Car Wash is a New business here in Thomasville Georgia. This Building sign is a combination of CNC routed painted letters and hand lettering. I will show you the process of hand lettering and installing the 3D letters.

In order to install the main copy I have to make a pattern to paint from and to know where to place the cut out letters. The Pounce pattern is made from our plotter machine. It has a pin that punches the holes in to the paper and allows powder to be pressed through the holes onto the building. After the holes are made the back is sanded to open the holes up for  the powder to pass through.

After the Pattern is installed on the wall I use powder to pounce and rub the powder. I tape the top and bottom line for a straight painted line and hand letter the letters in reverse.

The lettering is installed using High Bond exterior double stick tape. The pounce pattern is also used to locate and position the letters on the wall.